Leveraging our combined expertise as a connected group, we bring to our clients, practical solutions to enhance their organisations and communities. Our diligent commitment to client satisfaction is the cornerstone for our continued success.
Every engagement is unique, the duration and level of service is tailored to each client’s requirements. With North America Asean Consultants (NAAC), clients can obtain services most apt on a project, contract or outsourced basis.
Our areas of expertise have been honed over our decades of experience across disciplines and industries, and these are reflected in the broad range of services we offer.

Business and Tourism Consulting

Market Research and Planning
Global NAAC - Market Research and Planning
Market demands are constantly evolving, and organisations must adapt to change to stay competitive. At North America Asean Consultants, we assist clients with unlocking intelligence to gain valuable market insights, study the market to access the viability of a project, and create a strategic marketing plan to enhance the effectiveness of the project. Food and tourism sectors are the main industries of focus with some emphasis on technology.
Having a clear understanding of the market is vital in the success of a project. At NAAC, we compile and analyse data, trends, and transforms them to meaningful information to help clients understand their market and make informed decisions.
The study involves analysing the feasibility of a project, e.g. a business concept or campaign in a specific market before proceeding with its development. This powerful tool lays the groundwork for the formulation of a project’s business and marketing plan.
The plan outlines defined concepts and strategies based on market research and/or viability study report for the project’s success.
Destination Planning and Tourism Plan Development
Global NAAC - Destination Planning and Tourism Development
Our team of international experts has a combined experience of more than 70 years consulting and working for remote communities and tourism organisations in destination planning and development of tourism plan with emphasis on agricultural, culinary, eco and rural tourism. We offer services in:

    • Feasibility Study
      For small and medium scale tourism related projects, from concept to location analysis, market evaluation, economic viability to report preparation.
    • Tourism Plan Formulation
      A sustainable and responsible approach to tourism is vital in the formulation of a tourism plan. A well-crafted plan benefits not only the host community economically and culturally, but it also encourages mutually positive interactions between tourism service providers, the locals and visitors.

At NAAC, our global team provides the technical and management expertise to help clients develop a strategic tourism plan that incorporates these approaches.

Multicultural Marketing
Global NAAC - Multicultural Marketing
In a diverse Canadian cultural scape, the ethnic communities represent a fast growing consumer force. Reaching out to these consumers can be a challenge and also an opportunity. At NAAC, our focus is helping clients market their brands to ethnic consumers, specifically, the Chinese and Filipino speaking consumers in

    • Advertising
    • Media planning and placement
    • Public and media relations
    • Community outreach event
Training Workshops
Global NAAC - Workshop
Workshops are available to individuals and groups in

    • Tourism management on agricultural, culinary, nature and rural tourism
    • Cross cultural communications

Overcoming intercultural barriers; understanding business etiquette and mindset to more effectively collaborate and negotiate in the Asian markets.

Public and Media Relations

A strategic communication activity, public relations develops mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its target audience and/or communities using earned media (or unpaid coverage) – to realize organizational goals, and serve the public interest.

The intent could be enhancing an organisation’s goodwill in its markets; create or strength connections with customers; raise awareness, inform, maintain or reshape attitudes towards its brands.

We offer the following services to help clients meet their corporate objectives.

    • Designing and implementing a communication strategy
    • Development of bilingual (English and Mandarin) news and content for traditional and social media by way of print and digital media (audio, video, websites)
    • Writing and distribution of bilingual (English & Mandarin) news releases
    • Creating and executing special events designed for community outreach and engagement
Media relations refer to the relationship that an organization fosters with journalists. The aim is to communicate the client’s newsworthy message, story or information by engaging the appropriate media – and capitalizing on positive media exposure through earned media.

Earned media conveys implied credibility or third party endorsement, and is often more effective, and trustworthy, than paid advertising.

We support our clients with a range of services including:

    • Organising media events for product or service launch, news conference
    • Story Idea development
    • Arranging media luncheon and press trips
    • Media interview coordination and liaison

Event Management

Global NAAC - Event Managment
At NAAC, our project team has decades of experience working with clients on large scale festivals to small events – for the purpose of brand activation, developing experiential learning, relationship building, trade and tourism promotion or fundraising.

We offer the following services to assist clients achieve their goals and deliver the best experience to their intended audience.

    • Project administration and management
    • Program design and budget development
    • Event planning and production
    • Event communications and promotion
    • Post-event evaluation
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